What my ladies are saying...


"Gina's program is absolutely great. Since joining, she has helped me with what style of clothing, brought out my inner beauty and confidence. I am so glad I signed up for her program.  It was exactly what I needed! I recommend it for everyone. You definitely will thank yourself later."

Maureen L.  

"I would like to highly recommend this program to any single woman to help upgrade their dating. The assistance and recommendations will help you succeed!"

Karen H.  

“Gina, I cannot tell you how much INSIGHT I gained from you. When it comes to men, you really know your stuff. Friends try to give me advice all the time, but you have the INSIDE SCOOP. Thank you!”

Tayna M.

“I have always struggled to keep HIGH STANDARDS. In the past I would fall for the cutest guy who said all the right things. Gina helped me get clear - this is not the way to assess if he is a HIGH CALIBER MAN. I will no longer lower my standard for anyone.”

Katherine S

"I finally said goodbye to men who weren't at my level! Thanks to Gina TIPS & TECHNIQUES, I have a profile that is getting me dates with the type of men I have always wanted to date. You are so gracious with your time and I love that you really give us the information that is GAME CHANGING. Thank you Gina!”

Heather D

"Working with Gina was just the thing I needed to JUMP-START my dating life.  I had given up on dating apps. I thought there were no good men on there, and I was just exhausted. After working with her, I immediately started to see how bringing my A-GAME impacted the type of men I attracted."


"I cannot tell you how much all of this means to me. You've totally gone ABOVE & BEYOND, and I greatly appreciate everything! I feel unbelievable to be working with someone that GENUINELY CARES  about what they do. 


" Thank you so much for looking into my DATING PROFILE.  I had no idea I was presenting myself in such poor light all these years. I now see why I have ben attracting bikers, truckers and a variety of losers all these years."

Laura P.

“When I first met Gina, I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. All I knew is that I continued to meet average men all the time. But when I really applied her tips and STRATEGIES, not only did it improve my dating life, it also improved my life in general.  I still use these secrets on my husband and it keeps our MARRIAGE hot”


“There were so many LITTLE THINGS that I had never NOTICED I was doing and not doing that really affected the type of man I was attracting. Gina STEPPED IN and gave me pointers that really changed the way I presented myself online and on dates and it worked!”


“I had my first review with Gina today and it was AWESOME! Thank you.”

"I had a first dare with Tom tonight, one of the guys that Gina helped me PRE-CLEAR.  Went super well :)"

Tina C.

"O.M.G.! This is the WAKE-UP CALL I needed!" 

Donna H

"Thank you, Gina, for such SMART POINTERS on the dating sites! Appreciate the encouraging suggestions not to settle, and being so GENUINE & HONEST in your suggestions and feedback. It’s so helpful!"

Alona B.


LOVED it... great info, hands-on & got a lot of new ideas to ELEVATE my out-of-practice dating game to an A-GAME"

Alex S.

"Thanks so much for our great first session!! It was perfect!


So... I’ll wait for them to extend.  Just thought to let you know how the start-up is going. Thanks again!  You are REALLY THE EXPERT"


“Please tell Gina that I have a boyfriend now! I am so excited. Thank Gina for all her help. I truly believe her COACHING is why I got here. She was SPOT ON!

Thank you! Thank you!”


"Change is inevitable and setbacks can be challenging, but Gina’s strategies focus on QUALITY & EFFICIENCY As a busy, successful woman, this was critical for me in my APPROACH to DATING."


"I went through a very tough phase recently, but after speaking with you, it struck me! I realized that I had spent all my energy focusing on healing physically and had forgotten about ME.

Thank you for helping me find my way back to the beautiful, amazing, smart and POWERFUL woman that I am. Keep doing what you're doing!

Ana H.

" Unbelievable experience with Gina!. She's a true expert at what she does with an unrivaled MORAL COMPASS you don't often see. With her unwavering honesty, transparency and professional guidance, she's truly an inspirational and incredible MENTOR in so many ways. I feel beyond fortunate to have been brought into the "Gina Hendricks Experience". DON'T QUESTION whether or not you should leverage Gina's matchmaking services she will change your life. DO IT!


"You've totally gone above and beyond and I greatly appreciate everything. 

As soon as I looked at the men's profile you suggested,  it FINALLY CLICKED! I can totally see how my photos would not appeal this type of HIGH VALUE MEN It also made me crazy excited - I'm in a competition mode now and ready to make my profile the best it can be!"

Amanda M.

"Gina is the BEST IN HER FIELD. I gained so much CLARITY, DIRECTION and MOTIVATION for navigating my dating life. The strategies are practical so that you can apply them to the scenarios."


"Thank you so much for our great 1st session!!! It was perfect! I've gotten SEVERAL MATCHES. So... I'll see if they extend.  Just thought I'd let you know how the start-up is going.  Thanks again! You're really great!


"Gina is truly amazing at what she does!! She's an EXPERT whose advice can be TRUSTED. Enrolling in her program was one of the best decisions I ever made. I'm now bringing my A-Game everywhere I go and I'm attracting great men."


"Thanks to Gina's course, I am dating someone pretty AMAZING that I met on the DATING APPS. After years of frustration and going on dates with duds, I'm grateful for all I learned from Gina."


"Gina, you and your EXPERTISE are such a BLESSING. Thank you so much!"

Alicia S.

"It made such a difference when you told me to stop posing and to BRING THE VIBE and so I started laughing and it completely CHANGED THE ENERGY of my pictures. I leaned on something, relaxed and laughed and I think it really came through in the photo. Thank you for that that was huge for me.

Suzanne S.

"I am at week 3 of your course. Oh my gosh! There's SO MUCH VALUE in your course Gina. Thank you again!"

Teresa K.

"I got 8 EXTENDED MATCHES on Bumble today after changing my profile.  I will never doubt you!""

Chy O.

"I am one of your earliest success stories. I have been MARRIED for almost 10 YEARS now and it's all thanks to you!"

Jill L.

"You taught me something so BRILLIANT - just post a few of your best pictures. Thank you love for being you. You are so unique, so beautiful, and so WISE. I just APPRECIATE what I've learned from you."

Sherri H.

"Your course has given me so much confidence in myself. Your program WORKS 100% . I’m seeing a doctor, tech investor and retired business man. There are AMAZING MEN out there".


"I’m getting a ridiculous amount of compliments on my photos and how I show up on dates. Most importantly I’m HANDLING love bombing and putting in BOUNDARIES.  It’s been a game changer and totally EXCEEDEED my expectations.".


" I am SINGING your PRAISES to all my girlfriends. I realize I WAS approaching DATING HAPHAZARDLY. I have LEARNED SO MUCH from you just from this few short weeks. Thank you."

Melissa R.  

"I am so thankful for Gina's help and advice! It has been spot on! I have throughly enjoyed this program!"

Elizabeth M.  

"I can’t believe how much I’ve learned working with Gina! I feel like I should be walking across the graduation stage to get my “Gina Diploma.” Thank you! I feel ready to take on the world of dating! I have appreciated everything about this program and Gina!!"

Amy P.  

You are the best!  You have enhanced my life by pushing me past my old mindset & sharing your expertise. I will always appreciate you.


Me and my high value man are continuing our journey.  We have so much in common. It has been a wonderful experience so far.  


I am confident in how to recognize a serious gentleman; I am feeling polished and stylish; and I am really enjoying this new adventure"

Donna W.

"The experience of taking these photos and then seeing them has done wonders for my confidence and my expectations when it comes to the men that I engage with.  


Over the last six weeks, I'm seeing a significant internal shift in the way I feel about dating and about myself. I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth from this program!”

Andrea V.