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Gina has a VERY unique twelve-week program called Get the Man of Your Dreams Accelerator to level up your love life in EVERY way. **THIS IS NOT MATCHMAKING**

However--if you want to get more info on this transformational program, click here to schedule a meeting to learn more. 

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The A Game Masterclass

Want to know a secret?

The type of men Gina works with ONLY date A-Game women. Doesn't matter how pretty a woman is, if you aren't bringing your A-Game in EVERY way, you will never keep these high-caliber men for very long. 

This is a two-hour video series. Twenty-three videos with ALL of the tips, secrets, and advice you need to be ready to date that guy every woman wants. 


Gina's Books


This is Gina's 3rd book and was written specifically for those women frustrated with dating and the dating apps. If you struggle with dating apps--before you give up, try this unique formula Gina created so you can attract the very best men. THIS BOOK is a game-changer. 

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Hi ladies! If you’re here because you’d like the opportunity of being considered a match for one of Gina’s clients, you can fill out a premium profile for her database.

This will include in-depth details about you as well as the man you’d like to meet. You’ll also get a follow-up one on one zoom meeting with Gina to discuss your profile.


Love Consultation

Want to speak with Gina about your love life?

AWESOME! Gina loves to help women get clear on what they can do to improve their results. 

This is a 40-minute call, where you can ask Gina about your dating profile, get her input on dating strategies that would be best for you or any other dating-related questions you might have --Gina will have the honest answers for you.



This was just what I needed to jumpstart my dating life! I hadn't dated in years but after a few weeks into the program, I started meeting better men. Gina absolutely nailed it with her advice to narrow down the dating pool! After only a few weeks, I found myself the most incredible man. I didn't think that they existed in LA!

-Audrey D. 

I finally said goodbye to men who weren’t at my level! Thanks to Gina. I now have a profile that is getting me dates with the type of men I have always wanted to date. And wow--did I learn how to weed out the time-wasters. You are so gracious with your time and I love that you really give us the information that is game-changing– Thank you!

- Heather D.

Gina is truly amazing at what she does!! She’s an expert whose advice can be trusted. Enrolling in her program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m now bringing my A-Game everywhere I go, and I’m attracting great men.

- Rebecca T

Gina is the best in her field. I gained so much clarity, direction, and motivation for navigating my dating life. And the strategies are practical so that you can apply them to any scenario.

- Sarah M

Yes!! Love the many never-ending ways you empower and inspire women… me in particular. I’ve appreciated your wonderful insight on men, dating, and life in general. You are a straight shooter and that’s hard to find, especially out here! 💕Xo Beks


I was sure that I was doing it all wrong and I knew if I didn't get out of my own way I would continue to meet the same boring average men again and again. So when I really applied Gina's tips and strategies, not only did it improve my life and dating life, (I’m in a great relationship now) but I still never lower my standards and it keeps my boyfriend on his toes.

-Shelby A.

I have always struggled to keep my standards high. In the past I would fall for the cutest guy, saying all the right things. Gina helped me get clear that that is not always the best way to assess a high-caliber man. I will no longer lower my standards for anyone.

- Katherine S.

 Thank you, Gina. Because of you, I leveled up, followed all of your advice, and am dating someone pretty amazing that I met on Bumble. After years of frustration and going on dates with duds, I’m grateful for all I learned from you.

- Jen K

Gina really knows men and dating! I didn’t have a problem finding dates, but I wanted to meet someone amazing and that wasn’t happening. After following all of Gina’s strategies, and then making some changes to my online profile- the caliber of men I met, improved dramatically. What a difference.

- Keelie C

I cannot tell you how much all of this means to me. You’ve totally gone above and beyond already, and I greatly appreciate everything! It feels unbelievable to be working with someone that genuinely cares about what they do. Can’t wait until we meet in person one day soon and do some visiting:)

- Mary B

Gina, I cannot tell you how much insight I gained from you. When it comes to men, you really know your stuff. Friends try to give me advice all the time but you really have the inside scoop– thank you!

- Angie M.

Working with Gina to learn her pre-qualifying techniques, was the best decision I’ve made in years.

-Tracy P.

There were so many little things that I never noticed I was doing and not doing that really affected the type of men I was attracting. Gina stepped in and gave me the help that really changed the way I presented myself online and on dates. And it worked!

-Nicole J.

 Change is inevitable and setbacks can be challenging, but Gina’s strategies focus on quality AND efficiency. As a busy, successful woman, this was critical for me in my approach to dating.

- Diane A

Working with Gina was just the thing I needed to jump-start my dating life. I had given up on dating apps. I thought there were no good men on there, and I was just exhausted. After working with her, I immediately started to see how raising my standards impacted the type of men I attracted.

- Grace G

Hi Gina. Thanks so much for our great first session!! It was perfect! I just had to tell you, that I’ve already gotten several exciting matches. Just thought I’d let you know how the start-up is going. Thanks again! You’re really great!

- Laura G



Before I started my Matchmaking business in 2008, I was one of Hollywood's top celebrity stylists.

I realized while working with celebrities and billionaires that they did things most of us don't do, thought of things most of us don't think about and this information was life changing.

The Billionaire Matchmaker was born.

With a 98% success rate, I wake up every morning proud of the company that I’ve built, the matches I’ve made and my clients are like family to me.

I love to laugh and joke around. I am about as real and down to earth as it gets. But I take my business very seriously and am honest to a fault. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I believe if you can’t be honest with someone, you can’t help them.



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